Balboa Park Explorer has a range of robust sponsorship opportunities, including marketing and recognition opportunities. In an effort to provide many businesses with the opportunity to support the Balboa Park Explorer, we also have  program for logo recognition just on Balboa Park Explorer Cards.

To find out more about this unique program, Cody.Nelson@bpcp.org.

Balboa Park Explorer Founding Patron Pass

The Balboa Park Explorer Founding Patrons are helping to make it possible for the Explorer to enhance our community outreach.  For each Founding Patron pass purchased, ten economically-disadvantaged families in San Diego County will be provided with a Family Balboa Park Explorer.

Would you like to become a Founding Patron and receive permanent recognition of your support of this vital program?  Please email Theresa.Wulf@bpcp.org.

We thank our Founding Patrons for their leadership and generosity:

Dr. Michael Hager and Denise Hager, Betty Peabody

Carol and Jeff Chang

Peter K. and Doris A. Ellsworth

Rod and Wynne Melendez

John and Tracy Downing

Gary and Zoraida Payne

Dr. Edward Abeyta

Machel Allen-Zondlowski and Maxime Zondlowski

Robert F. and Gay M. Ames

Susan Batt

Dr. Wolfgang Berger and Karen Berger

Toni and John Bloomberg

Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Carson

Sue Britt and Keith DeVore

Anita I. Busquets and William A. Ladd

Ben and Nikki Clay

Joseph Cohen

David and Lesley Cohn

Peter and Lorry Comiskey

Karen and McDermot Coutts

Pamela and Theodore Crooks

Elaine and Dave Darwin

James and Mary Dawe

Paul and Anaika Dayton

Dan and Phyllis Epstein

Susan and Craig Evanco

John and Barabra Everett

Susan Faron and Sandy Faron Chantler

Tom Fetter

Hal and Pam Fuson

George and Alison Gildred

Jack and Kay Harkins

Will and Norma Hays

Thomas and M Jo Hazard

Kimberly and Nathan Heller

Allison Henderson and Jay Miles

Paul and Linda Hundhammer

Irwin and Joan Jacobs

Tom and Julie Karlo

James Kidrick

Jo Ann and James Kilty

Maureen and Charlie King

Helen W. and Webster B. Kinnaird

Jerry Klusky

Paul Levin and Joanna Hirst

Loughridge Family

Connie Matsui Beckman

Lori Fleet and Mike Martin

Paul and Maggie Meyer

Theodore J. and Anabel I. Mintz

Roy Muraoka and Kimi Kaneyuki

James and Mary Nierman

Dennis Otsuji

Pam and Phil Palisoul

Bob and Patty Payne

Terri Peterson Zimdars

Taffin A. and Gene W. Ray

John Rebelo and Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo

Robert and Lillie Breitbard Foundation

Frank and Demi Rogozienski

Eberhard and Jessica Rohm

Patti Roscoe and Jim Tiffany

Glenn and Lynne Rossman

Stephen Russell

Carmen Sandoval and Jesse Fernandez

Lewis and Alice Silverberg

Spanish Village Art Center

David G. Strickland, ASLA

John Venekamp

Pamela J. Wagner

Lori and Bill Walton

Dennis and Carol Wilson

Mary Yang and Bill Kuni